Get your £1 DuckPoo email forwarder here.

An email forwarder is an email address. When somebody sends a message to your forwarder address, the message comes to your real email address!


Your forwarder will look like where you choose "anything" to be whatever word or name you want.

What use is an email forwarder?

You use it just like a normal email address and it's a bit more amusing and personal than "".

If it attracts "spam", you can change to a different forwarder, so you get rid of that spam immediately.

A most important use is for use with on-line banking, credit cards, Paypal etc. You could use a forwarder like so that if you receive an email to a different address, purporting to be from Barclaycard, you can be certain that it's a phishing scam.

Alternatively, simply choose a name which is amusing. (See suggestions, below.)

Is this name already taken?

We plan to add a simple box where you can type your desired email name to check whether it's in use. However, at present, you just have to take pot luck. First come, first served so don't delay!

Your forwarded emails will go to your registered Paypal address unless you tell us otherwise in a message with your payment.

Order Now

Do not type more than 30 characters. If the "anything" you choose is already taken, we will ask you to make another choice. If there is no suitable choice (unlikely) then we will give you a refund. See suggestions, below.

Sorry, we are not offering this service now.


All £1 payments go through Paypal once each year. If you do not wish to renew your subscription to this service, you may click the "Unsubscribe" button at any time before renewal and the forwarder will stop working. (Please bookmark this page and keep your Paypal receipt.)

If you wish to change your forwarder, simply unsubscribe then resubscribe with the new choice.

Orders are usually processed the same day. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have a question.


Terms & Conditions

You must not use any email forwarder for the purpose of "spamming", annoying or impersonating any individual or company. You must not use any email forwarder in relation to mass-mailings or illegal or questionable activities.

If any such misuse comes to our attention, the email forwarder will be cancelled immediately.

As the annual charge is so small, no refunds will be given after the first 7 days.

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Suggested (silly) email addresses

(Feel free to use a sensible address if you wish)

smelly (at)
smells (at)
smelling (at)
smelly (at)
stinks (at)
stinky (at)
stinking (at)
problems (at)
ducks (at)
WeeWee (at)
motion (at)
Poo (at)
Tigger (at)
CleaningUp (at)
feathers (at)
eggs (at)
ToeNails (at)
dancing (at)
waddling (at)
sniffing (at)
looking (at)
oops (at)
frowning (at)
CoolTricks (at)
fecking (at)
mixing (at)
HelpingOut (at)
WebbedFeet (at)
staring (at)
DirtySoles (at)
MessyBusiness (at)
DrinkingStraws (at)
GlassOfWine (at)
Donald (at)
choking (at)
bonking (at)
FeelingSick (at)
WaggingTails (at)
happy (at)
unhappy (at)
sunny (at)
entertaining (at)
shovelling (at)
sickened (at)
heaving (at)
uninvited (at)
stinking (at)
retching (at)
spewing (at)
foetid (at)
slimy (at)
slipping (at)
fascinated (at)
GreetMe (at)
SmellMe (at)
LiftMe (at)
shiny (at)
NoToilets (at)
CreamTopping (at)
ClottedCream (at)
gagging (at)
poops (at)
poopyplops (at)
HandWashing (at)

peering (at)
bills (at)
quackers (at)
scrambled (at)
swimming (at)
OozingTurds (at)
SmellyTurds (at)
puking (at)
turds (at)
SniffingTurds (at)
eating (at)
drinking (at)
squelching (at)
PooPoo (at)
HavingLunch (at)
HavingTea (at)
DrinkingBeer (at)
EatingPoo (at)
sleeping (at)
wincing (at)
SideStepping (at)
swanning (at)
gays (at)
Licking (at)
scraping (at)
SmellyFeet (at)
gazing (at)
straining (at)
DirtyShoes (at)
SweatySocks (at)
ChocolateDessert (at)
ChillingOut (at)
coffee (at)
coughing (at)
aiming (at)
beaks (at)
wiggling (at)
complaining (at)
swooning (at)
raining (at)
Inventing (at)
nauseated (at)
revolted (at)
disgusted (at)
repelled (at)
vomiting (at)
barfing (at)
honking (at)
partying (at)
putrid (at)
skipping (at)
mucky (at)
MeetMe (at)
HelpMe (at)
PickMeUp (at)
skidding (at)
glistening (at)
CarParking (at)
NewFlavours (at)
WatchingTV (at)
farting (at)
peeping (at)
aroma (at)
PowerPoops (at)